Carsaig – Coastal walk to the Nuns Cave

From the carpark at Carsaig Pier, walk back up the hill and take the path through the gate This runs parallel and above the rocky beach. The path runs through several boundary fences and onto the narrow path along the coast. You may encounter the deer and wild goats and it is worth keeping a look out for seabirds and birds of prey alike. The path is not even and recent land-slips make some sections difficult. Along the path you will see basalt columns above sedimentary rocks. There are also fossil shells on the lower levels. The nuns cave is located close to a promontory into the sea in a sandstone section of the cliff. There are several carved crosses and various dates/graffiti carved in the soft sandstone. At the entrance there is a recessed carved boulder, which may have been used to grind cereal. The cave was used around the time of the reformation, when the nuns sought sanctuary here. The cave appears to serve as shelter for sheep now.
The walk is around 1.5 to 2 hours each way and is around the half way mark to the Carsaig arches.